Planer Quadro

Planer Quadro

4-month-calendar with large cover and fully printable backing for your individual advertising. Overview with current month + previous and 2 following months.
Available in various language combinations. Incl. incorporated sheet holders, annual overview and stable day marker completely mounted.
All terminic calendars are produced according to highest quality and sustainability standards such as Process Standard Offset Printing (PSO) and FSC®.

Total size: 315 x 680 mm
Calendar block each: 315 x 217 mm
Folded ready for dispatch: 315 x 240 mm
Individual weight: approx. 205 g
With box of corrugated cardboard (353 x 250 x 12 mm): approx. 305 g


Varenummer: xx-pl-Quadro

Mærke: terminic

Farve: I dine logofarver

Produkttype: Kalender